Thursday, December 3, 2009

Better late than never

I sort of started a tradition of posting photos of Eliot atop a pumpkin at Halloween; that is, I suppose, if you consider doing it twice a tradition. As a result of my unexplainable break from blogging, the tradition has been deferred until now.

So here he is:
And there he was in 2008:

And look at this kid in 2007:

And in case you were curious, he dressed as Frankenstein on the big day:

He actually ended up looking more like just the torso and head of Frankenstein, but he had fun nonetheless. Apparently our neighborhood is the place to trick-or-treat, so we only had to walk a few blocks before his plastic pumpkin was nearly full. He was more interested in the decorations and other kids' costumes than the candy, so we (we? Maybe more like I) helped him out and consumed most of his bounty. In two days. Sometimes being a mother involves a lot of sacrifice.


JJ said...

I can't believe I've known him through all those pumpkin photos. Time flies when you're having babies!! Such a cutie, too bad you had to go and move away.

Dad: said...

Damn that kid has got some handsome hair!

Me? A Mom? said...

You know that creepy kids book "I'll love you forever" or something like that where the mom ends up driving across town and rocking her 30 year old son to sleep by the end of the book? Well, for whatever reason, I flashed forward and saw all these future pumpkin pictures of Eliot. Eliot in teenage angst snarling at you. Drunk college kid Eliot laying aside pumpkin past out. Responsible gainfully employed Eliot holding pumpkin like a briefcase.

I know, I know, I need some sleep. :)

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