Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Before and After

Our first hair war recently ended. Eliot was adamant that he would not, under any circumstances, consent to a haircut. Not if chocolate chips were involved, not if a professional hair stylist came to our house, not if Na did it, not if Mommy did it, not if there were M&Ms, not if he was asleep.

No, No, No, NO! was all we were hearing on the subject.

I took the advice of a mother in my Hip Mamas group and scheduled an appointment for him at Little Snips. I have been a little hesitant to go to a place like this due to the amount of chaos usually associated with a place that caters to children who otherwise will not allow their hair to be trimmed. The kind of place with one million televisions and kitchy barber 'chairs' in the shape of cars, etc. Also, I had a hard time with the idea of paying more than a few bucks for a haircut for our 2 year old. But his persistence in the NO! department convinced me to re-think my strategy.

So with the promise of a lollipop for each hand, Eliot softened. Though he reminded me the whole way there that he did not like haircuts. "No! I do not like them!" I assured him that this place was going to be AWESOME and he had nothing to fear. And I reminded him that the lollipops would be flowing like water.

When we arrived he seemed pretty excited, and I decided to give him the suckers to distract him during the haircut, even though I was risking hairy candy. We all have to make sacrifices, right? He immediately started melting down when he realized that I was going to actually allow someone near him with scissors; fortunately the mini T.V. conveniently 6 inches from his face started showing Yo Gabba Gabba. And then he was putty in Kristy the hair-stylist's hands.




Me? A Mom? said...

How handsome! And a sucker, huh? You MUST have been desperate! LOL

Heather said...

I know. All rules were broken!

JJ said...

Oh my, his before photo looks like he's related to my devil child! Maybe I should take a trip to one of these places!
Too cute, that boy.

Meghan said...

this is my life! i actually do not mind the length quinn's hair, but it could use a professional trim. my trims are rather crooked and not very pretty. any mention of a haircut to quinn and he says "i don't like haircuts! i will run out!" i have even tried a bit of bribery, but two suckers might seal the deal for him!

Meghan said...

you empowered me, heather. we went to cookie cutters thursday, but our trip was not as wonderful as yours. although i have never actually seen the movie, i am pretty sure my experience was similar to events in the exorcist.

Elizabeth Frick said...

What a handsome boy!!!