Monday, March 9, 2009


This is what I found when I had to prematurely wake Eliot from his nap in a likely futile attempt to combat the havoc Daylight Savings Time is wreaking.

And yes, I realize he has quite a menagerie in there. He's in a very serious 'sleep with it!' phase.

That's right, two posts in one day. Don't forget to scroll down to the PG-13 language-laced entry below!


Meghan said...

how sweet!

JJ said...

Totally looks like sesame street vomitted all of it's stuffed animals in eliots crib!! I know all about the bad bed hazards. Easton is sleeping with us, on a pillow, and under sheets and a blanket. Oh, and sometimes on his tummy. Whatever it takes is my new mantra!