Monday, March 9, 2009

I love you. I hate you. Parental guidance suggested.

I realize that I'm one of 1,832,203,205 blogger moms who is once again throwing their hands in the air and cursing the Daylight Savings Time, but I cannot help myself, I must publish it for all to read: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

And this is why I say that, DST. My child, my sweet, sweet child, was up until 10:00 o'clock p.m. last night. In the evening. With the moon out. That is TOO LATE. And furthermore, while I have to admit, I loved you for about 10 minutes this morning when I realized that I had slept in until 9:00 a.m., I remembered I hated you again when I realized that sleeping that late would invariably completely FUCK UP the rest of the day, causing my sweet, sweet baby boy to refuse to nap until 3:00 p.m. And now, I will be forced to wake him up instead of letting his dreamy self snooze in order to HOPEFULLY undo all this mess you have made for us.

So, mark it down. Daylight Savings Time, you and I are officially in a fight. After this, we are not on speaking terms. At least until Fall when I take time to once again curse your existence.


Lauren Snyder said...

In our house, 10 pm in the normal bedtime... I am clearly not the person to give any advice. Though Tyler has a bit of congestion right now which is leading him down the lots of sleep path. Eliot will work it out. I think. I mean, I promise!

Emi said...

If women ruled The North America, this fucking retarded time changing nonsense would not exist. DLS can suck my ass. I wish it was hairy, so that it would be a worse experience for old DLS. I nod, not so politely, in agreement with you dear cousin. As for managing, I have no suggestions.

Mama Non Grata said...

Completely agreed - daylight savings can bite me. We have one child who adapted completely and another who did not. I actually prefer the end of daylight savings, even that lost hour, if only because it means that when the kids wake up at 6:50 it feels less psychologically traumatic than 5:50. And, really, who needs a full extra hour of child time on the weekend?