Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hello my loyal reader.

In case you don't read Me? A Mom? or the Baby Human Experience, and/or aren't a Facebook friend, I have some news. Justin was offered a fabulous new job in Pittsburgh about 3 weeks ago. This morning Eliot and I are boarding a plane to meet him and all of our stuff there.

I really want to write a tome about all of this. About how I've felt every feeling known to humanity in these past three whirlwind weeks. About how I never ever want to move ever ever again. About how much I love my family and friends and will miss them desperately. About how excited I am to start this new chapter in our family's story.

Those weeks are my excuse this time for not updating my blog. I plan to try and give you all the details in the coming days, as we get settled into our new (hopefully fabulouser) life.


Emi said...

Good Luck! And now I can come and visit you...ha!!

JJ said...

sad, sad day. i awoke heartbroken and lonely. but i swear i'm going to make an escape to come see you. we'll miss you here in the lou!!!

Lauren Snyder said...

I hope that everything is peaceful for you guys in the coming months as you settle in. I remember thinking, 5 years ago, that there really wasn't anything outside of STL. And now, I couldn't imagine ever thinking that I would regret that decision to move. I look forward to pictures and stories. And maybe a new baby?

Sara said...

Good luck, Butters! Can't wait to hear how things go in PA!

Much love,
Sara, Todd, and Super-Ava

anna@momoderne said...

Can't wait to hear about it!

kris said...

Rose and I will miss bumping into you at Hartford! Good Luck!