Friday, December 26, 2008


Not a perfect Christmas, just the best one. Ever.

Reasons why today wasn't perfect:

  1. Two days ago I realized that my yearly stress induced cold sore was taking hold on my lower lip. For whatever reason, this eye (and literally, lip) sore has appeared the previous three Decembers. It hurts, and it is unsightly. My dear sweet husband claims he doesn't notice it, but whenever I visualize it, all I can see is the legend of the larvae breast. And please, if you don't know what I'm talking about, and you are at all squeamish or prone to nightmares, do not click that link. It's awful. And it's fake. And it's really awful. But it is basically what I picture my face to look like right now. And it's exactly what you don't want captured in pictures that will be viewed for years to come.
  2. We forgot to leave cookies out for Santa. So Justin and I ate them for breakfast.
  3. Eliot woke up in the middle of the night for a 10 minute cuddle. I asked him this morning if he heard Santa, and he told me, "Yep". This should maybe be added to why today was the Best. Christmas. Ever.
  4. Eliot got his first bonafide sweets-induced tummy ache. And it was my fault. I was making cookies at 9:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve and he asked for some chocolate chips. I figured, what the hell, it's Christmas! and gave him about 10 or so and a couple of refills. I even let him eat them in the living room at the coffee table while he watched Muzzy. Cut to about 15 minutes later when he walks in the kitchen and says, "Tummy huhts. No moh eat" and handed me his unfinished chips. I confirmed that it was indeed the chocolate and he spent the next twenty minutes lying on the couch with Blue and watching Elmo. I think we both learned a valuable lesson.
  5. Two super smooshy, stinky, soak-the-diaper-in-the-toilet poops. When the second one was happening I asked Eliot, "Are you pooping?" and he responded, "No, fahtin'." It was a Christmas lie.
  6. We wish ALL of our family could be with us for the holidays, but it's just not possible. So to our family in Pennsylvania, we missed you and we'll see you soon.
And now why this was the Best. Christmas. Ever:
  1. Eliot slept until 7:45. Enough said.
  2. He was so excited about Santa. And snowmen. And somewhat strangely, nutcrackers. He's into the holiday. And not so much for the presents. He was just really into the whole thing; he wanted us to sing Christmas songs and read books about Rudolph. He would squeak 'Santa!' any time he saw the jolly fat man in a store, or on a Coke can, or in a random photo up at the coffeeshop. He had the spirit.
  3. During and after the Opening of the Gifts, Eliot repeatedly gave random hugs and kisses. When Justin put him into the car to go to my Grandparents, he kept saying, "Happy. Happy. Happy." And there were no tantrums, something with which Eliot has been experimenting.
  4. Justin did really really great on his choice of gifts for me. And the fact that we were even able to exchange gifts, something we haven't done for a couple of years due to our need to conserve. And we even managed to have some rare and wonderful couple time during Eliot's nap. Best. X-mas. Ever.
  5. My diet today consisted primarily of chocolate, fresh bread, and cheese and cheese foods. Who could ask for more?
  6. Eliot has very generous grandparents. It made for a very lovely and copius display beneath our mini tree.
  7. Most of all, I was with people I love more than anything on earth, hearing their voices and listening to their laughs. I laughed at corny jokes and snuggled with my cousin's baby. Good times.
And finally, for the piece de resistance. I decided about 3 or so weeks ago that I wanted to build a play kitchen for Eliot for Christmas. Small problem: I have very little experience in the realm of power tools and building and such. Justin, while handy, was swamped with other projects, and suggested we just buy one. I was determined though, and I employed the help of my sister's girlfriend Karissa who is a wonder with the circular saw and the drill. And she listened. And made suggestions, and this is what we came up with (cue angels):

Please ignore my wonky picture taking style. Apparently I can't take a level photo.

And probably the real source of the larvae lip was all my worry that we would have put in all this work, and it would look like shit and possibly be a safety hazard, what with all the nails and screws and broken wood hanging about. But it didn't. And it was worth it, even the $20 spent on Abreva. Even though it took him nearly two hours to notice its hugeness, and even with all the excited prodding from his parents (don't you want to look under the sheet? What do you think Santa left under that sheet? Shall we have a look?) all while he instead chose to play with every single one of his gifts before getting to the kitchen.

But he loves it!

Yes, that is Blue in his mouth. But it is Christmas! Don't be such a Scrooge.

We topped off the day by hanging out with my family, and it was great to have both my sisters in town, though we missed Karissa who was in Denver with her family. Eliot was wound up on chocolate milk and white bread and drunk on my grandparent's 60 years-0-Santa collection. And when we got home, we read a new book, sang Santa Came to Town (a past tense version of Santa's Coming to Town) and laid him down for a long winter's nap.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


Emily said...

holy shit. that image was horrifying. I want to never ever see again. I'll finish reading your post now...

Emily said...

oh and merry christmas and I love you!

Valerie said...

Oh, wow! That kitchen is so cool! I'm working on my post. Did you come up with your own pattern? Did you use real fixtures? You should do a tutorial. Were you inspired by all the play kitchen links on ohdeedoh?

Dang. Sorry for the spastic commenting...

Heather said...

I was inspired by the Odeedoh kitchen (it was made from an abandoned cabinet)among others. My friend Kim sent me a bunch of links and then Karissa and I kind of mashed them all together. I wish I would have taken more pictures during the actual process, especially for the actually drilling, etc., so that I could do a tutorial.

So far, one of the knobs came off (something I suspected and an easy fix) and the paint on the oven door is scratched, but I think I'm going to put adhesive vinyl over it in place of the painted window.

I can't stop thinking of necessary accessories/modifications!

Me? A Mom? said...

Bravo on the kitchen! It looks fantastic.

Elizabeth Frick said...


Kim said...

Im sooo very excited to see the pics. the kitchen is better than i imagined! I think you did a fabulous job... I am super proud of you! And im so glad you had some wonderful help...... missed you guys.... xo

JJ said...

Great work on the kitchen, looks amazing! Luckily I don't have to muster up the imaginative energy to make Syl a kitchen cuz I found hers next to a dumpster! LAZY ME!!!
But really, I didn't know we had such a Bob Villa on our hands. Can you come over and renovate our bathrooms please? Thanks.