Saturday, September 13, 2008

Food Fight

Eliot is generally a good eater. He prefers anything noodle-based of course and will consent to eating some sort of vegetable and/or fruit matter daily. His consumption is not the issue. It's what happens when he's satiated.

The throwing of the food. It will be my undoing.

Sometimes, he sweetly says, "Mama, done," and hands me his dish. This is a rare occurrence, but regular enough that I continue to give him plastic bowls and plates of food, instead of tossing his vittles on the tray. But usually, he says, "Mama!" looks me right in the eye, and throws a half-full bowl of cheesie, fruit, couscous (that is the worst), etc. one way or the other. Cut to me wiping up the floor and wishing that the mice living in the walls would sew me up a beautiful gown for the ball, a la Cinderella.

It's obvious that he does this to get our attention. We've responded with firmness, "Eliot, no, we do not throw food," and frustration "NO! WE DO NOT THROW FOOD!" and then sometimes with defeated apathy, which is us just staring at him, then the floor and walls covered in his dinner, and then back to him. I'm pretty sure this is a phase, however, if anyone has any useful advice as to how to speed up its conclusion, it would be much appreciated.

Miraculously, chocolate ice cream cones NEVER end up on the floor. Hmmm, can he live on those?


Elizabeth Frick said...

First of all, I do NOT look forward to when Olive feeds herself everything. Secondly, I want to know who could endure such abuse from a child by NOT reacting! It's just a *touch* frustrating, eh?

Cassandra said...

he's totally beautiful!