Thursday, August 7, 2008


Eliot and Lila have been getting together a little more often. Sadly, until now Cara and I were usually too busy de-tangling Eliot's fingers from Lila's silky fine hair or breaking up a slap-and-scratch fight to take many photos. Though the more they play together, the less they tussle, and yesterday I was able to take a few rare snaps.

And for the first time, Eliot finally realized that Rosalie existed. I guess since he has become a parent himself, he's more aware of these things now. He couldn't understand why Cara would not hand Rosalie over to him, he knows how to hold a baby dammit, he does it all the time with Lola, after all.

He and Lila seem to do best when they play on opposite sides of the room, as neither has really mastered the concept of sharing yet (and that's when the sissy-style fights start). Occasionally, they will do something heartbreakingly sweet; an impromptu kiss, Eliot leading Lila by the hand, both of them pretending to sleep in E's bed. That's probably why we risk the scratches and hair loss. That and Cara and my need to talk and talk and keep talking.