Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking

I'm asking all of you (all 3 of you - hi Mom!) who read this to please send all of your positive thoughts, vibes, prayers, fairy dust - whatever, to this woman and her family. She's my friend Cara (mom to Lila, one of Eliot's beloved playmates) and she's pretty much awesome. What is not awesome is that her womb is trying to make her baby leave early by providing inhospitable conditions. That's right people, her womb is toxic. It's not her fault. It could totally happen to any of us. So get to giving her all you got! We want Baby Backstitch to hold her ground and show that uterus who's boss and leave when she's good and goddamn ready!


meghan said...

you have more readers than you think! :0) baby backstitch is in our prayers!

Lauren (Winkler) Snyder said...

I love to read all about Lila and her new baby sister on the way... So, I don't know if I am counted in the three estimated readers... but I can promise you that I check in at least once a day with you and your friends... I even talk to my husband about everyone. I love that Cara has a baby about Tyler's age and that she expects to deliver the new one the day after me... If the babe can hang on.. I think about her and you ALL the time. I want to hug Eliot and give him lots of kisses. Really Badly.