Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chocolate Coated Family

Easter was a pretty low-key affair for the Butter family. We sort of slept in (read: took a nap after Eliot went down for his first (and only) nap of the day) and I'm fairly sure I ate Dark Chocolate M&Ms for breakfast. Or Reese's cups. Or both. I definitely had a stomachache before lunch, which didn't stop me from eating non-stop ALL DAY LONG.

The Easter Bunny did show up, and brought E some relatively inoffensive gifts. He included some Cadbury Cream Eggs for Justin, since he's far from home and all.

The Lord giveth....

Seriously, this is all for me?

My mom gave Eliot a duck we promptly dubbed "Quackers" and my sister Laura and her girlfriend Karissa gave him a bountiful basket as well. And my grandparents gave him an Easter Rhino. Don't you remember that part in the resurrection story? All in all, he ended up with SEVEN stuffed animals. And he proved to each one that he had enough love to go around by giving each a squeeze and a baby-style open mouth kiss. Egg-tastic!


Sara said...

you are a blogging fool! it's like internet christmas! (or easter, whatever)