Thursday, October 18, 2007


The day we'd been waiting for finally arrived. After weeks of intermittent drooling, chewing, crying, night-waking (weeks? I mean months) misery, Eliot finally popped out a shiny, razor-sharp pearly white. Tomorrow it will be two weeks old.

It came after a night filled with painful screaming, and then drugging (thank you Motrin) and even co-sleeping, which was possibly more a way to comfort his parents than him. Two days later, I slid my finger over his gums, and there on the lower left side, was a very short, very sharp little tooth nubbin.

I'm really surprised how wide it is, and now I'm convinced that our tiny little boy will have a mouth full of horse-chompers. That being said, it is so mother-loving cute that I can barely stand it. I'm constantly looking for ways to make him open his mouth WIDE so that I can get a glimpse of it's milky whiteness. So little and so perfect. Only 19 more to go!

You can see it if you look really, really, really closely.


Emily said...

I totally see his tooth!! Yay teeth. He'll be eating steak in no time!