Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Love

As you may know, Eliot is a ladies' man. He is pretty much the only boy in his baby peer group. He has a lot of girlfriends.

There's his older lady, Sylvia:

Sharing a little private time during a play date.

And the very sweet and lovely little Lila:

Check out that celebrity pose!

And the sparkle-eyed Ruby:

They've known each other since only a few weeks gestation.

And his newest cutie, Ava:

They are spanning time.

Don't worry mothers of daughters. Justin and I are doing all we can to raise him right. If we are lucky and he doesn't become the opposite of everything we hold dear, he will be a compassionate, leftie, artist, foodie, feminist, environmentalist with an awesome music collection, a love of the arts, and he will, of course, have a wicked sense of humor.


Cara said...

I love that first pic of E. He's so, "Dude, I'm chillin' with my home girl. What up?"