Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tag! We're it!

But so not in a fun, playful, childhood wonderfulness kind of way:

Apparently 13 year old hooligans in the making wanted to welcome us to our new city. The Geek Gang, at least that's what we've been referring to them as they sprayed (in brown!) the letters G and K. Lame. Why couldn't this guy spray paint my car? We called the police in the off-chance that this was the tag of some known and highly sought after felon, but instead we were told, "Time to move to the suburbs." Apparently this officer is not the official ambassador for Pittsburgh.

Fortunately for me, I am married to man who is magic and was able to get most of the damage off with soap and water. Oh, and his skin:

I'm taking all that elbow (or wrist, as it were) grease as a little love letter to me. Or possibly the Volvo. In either case, thank you Butter.


emily said...

oh man! that sucks! our "welcome to the city" consisted of our $500 incredible double-seater stroller being replaced with a shopping cart full of wine bottles. I was sad.

Heather said...

Wine bottles? Or bottles of wine? There's a distinct difference.

I'm sad for you! Remember when you could leave all your stuff outside and the worst you had to worry about was that a spider would cover it in webs or little bitty bugs would die all over it? Those were the days.

Oh and remember how you had to race to and wait for a ferry to get to and from everywhere? Yeah, those were so not the days!

amie powell said...

not cool at all! atleast it came off i guess? someone hit our car with what looks like a hammer or something, unfortunely that dent is still there. some people just suck :)