Monday, April 20, 2009

I was waiting for the other Easter

Because, as you all know, if there is any word to describe me, it would be ORTHODOX.

When asked what the Easter Bunny would be bringing, Eliot very authoritatively responded every time, "Paper clips, a lollipop, n&m's (m&m's), and a bunny balloon." We have absolutely no idea where the paper clips idea came from, but he was unwavering in his commitment that the E.B. would, without a doubt, grace his Easter basket with the little document-wranglers.

We spent the weekend with Justin's family, our first Easter with them in probably six years.

Dying eggs and making cookies at Aunt Courtney's.

Ava works quality control.

A sampling of the Bounty of the Bunny.

Egg-hunting and cuteness-ing.

Look at me! I'm flying a kite! First time ever!

A very rare cousins photo where everyone is looking at or near the camera. And no one is crying. And yes, my child is holding a watering can and scrub brush. Is there something strange about that?

It was a really lovely day. Eliot enjoyed a steady stream of sugary treats and weathered his crashes by cuddling in my lap until someone offered him a cookie or chocolate. I thought sure he'd wake up the next morning begging for lollipops and n&m's but it was surprisingly business and usual. For me? Not so much. I'm still hiding candy from myself. Apparently I'm really good at finding things though, so it's kind of a losing battle.


Kim said...

that's a very nice picture of them all! I wish we could have seen you guys... next year we will have to have a egg hunt of epic proportions!

Danielle said...

Our kids are the cutest! Eliot looks like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks!