Sunday, March 15, 2009

World's Shortest Parade

We drove to Justin's hometown about an hour north of Pittsburgh this weekend to relax. The town's main street was host to a St. Patrick's day parade, so we walked down from his mom's place to check it out. 4 minutes later, it was over and Eliot and his cousins were left on the curb, covered in confetti and candy drool. Okay, maybe Eliot was the only one with the drool. He even had his first lollipop, something I was trying to postpone until he was 23. Let's just say my rules have relaxed considerably when it comes to visits with the cousins. We have a new rule in the Butter family: What happens at Na's stays at Na's.

The parade was long gone at this point.

Riley and Ava fling confetti while Eliot adores his lolly.

A rare photo of Eliot and his mother.

Later in the weekend, Eliot went shopping with Na and returned with the mother-load. Handy Manny? He doesn't even know who he is, but he HAD TO HAVE HIM. Mostly because he has lots of small tools begging to get lost. And he talks. Eliot wants to sleep with him (along with the rest of toy-kind) and I can just picture being jarred awake at 3 a.m. when he rolls over and Manny announces, "Measure twice, cut once!" Thanks Na!

Na and her Official Fan Club.


Me? A Mom? said...

a lollipop? ::sigh:: it's all over now. LOL

Heather said...

I know Cara; I specifically thought of you when I watched him chomp down on a Dum Dum. I made sure no other impressionable children were around to see! ;)

JJ said...

Lollipops are our ultimate/ last resort form of bribery. it works every single time.
Seeing photos of you guys really makes me miss you! And when you're happy in the photos? Well, that doesn't help!