Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can you feel it?

I am so mother-loving excited. Aren't you?

Can you even wait until tonight or tomorrow morning?

Did you vote?


You didn't?

Are you going to?

Do it!* Now!

(*unless you are a Republican, then just disregard that. You should probably just have a nap or something. Seriously. You deserve it. The past eight years have been HARD.)


anna said...

Going at 1:00! Go Obama!

Lauren Snyder said...

I Voted! And now I get to sit at work all night and watch the TVs to see what happens! I would imagine a slow night because everyone is going to be glued to their sets at home! Cannot wait to see!!

emily said...

I really wish I had a TV.

Sara said...

Thanks goodness it's all over with. I had a stomach ache for days before the election!