Monday, November 17, 2008

Blogger's Block

Possibly as result of the last week's increasingly colder weather mixed with the earlier sunsets, I just haven't been feeling it.

I've had about five posts floating around in my head, but they just haven't made it onto the screen.

In attempt to re-jump start my inspiration to share with all of you, I've decided to make a list o' things that have happened or are happening in the Butter clan:

  • Eliot can say "Pennsylvania". That's four syllables. This is just one of the tens of words he seems to be picking up daily, sometimes hourly. He is a little parrot. And yes, he's repeated words I shouldn't have been saying in his presence. Shit, most notably. Though when he says 'sit' it comes out sounding like 'shit'. As in, "Eliot, what are you doing?" "Eliot! Shittin'!"
  • I have been a culinary machine lately. This weekend I not only made another meal in the slow cooker, but I made pizza crust from scratch (we're talking yeast, flour, rising dough, the works) and spiced pumpkin waffles. My abs are actually sore from kneading dough.
  • Eliot is engaged. Parris and Bronte and their moms came over for the aforementioned waffles and Parris announced that she wanted to marry E. when she turns 14. I asked them to please let him finish junior high first.
  • I have started knitting regularly again. So far I've made a few toddler hats and I've started a scarf. I cannot find my set of bamboo needles and it is driving me completely bonkers. If you see them, please let me know.
  • My cloth diapers are leaking - AGAIN. I've stripped them and they are still unable to contain sometimes even a small amount of pee. Any cloth diaperers out there with advice above and beyond washing with Dawn and rinsing them clear, please help!
  • Eliot is becoming such a social butterfly. His friend list is growing: Jonah, Lucy, 2 Emmetts (Emmett C. and C. Emmett), and Aubrey in addition to his BFFs Sylvia, Lila, Rosalie, Olive, Samson, Ruby, Parris, and Bronte. And boys! He has friends who are boys!
  • I ran a 5K. You can see one of the worst photographs ever taken of me here. My hair has morphed into another person's head in the background. But the thing is, as bad as I look - I was so mother freaking proud of myself at that moment. I seriously almost cried when we approached the finish line because I was so happy. Big ups to my running partner Heather2, I couldn't have done it without her. Well, maybe I could have, but it wouldn't have been as fun. We're planning to run another with Elizabeth and Adam in December.
  • Eliot is continuing to amaze us on a daily basis. I know it's trite to say it, but it's such a wonder to watch him grow and learn. His newfound vocabulary is allowing his personality to blossom even more, and he's a funny, happy, loving kid.
I'll try and keep things more updated; I'll try and get at least a couple of those floating posts out of my head. And pictures! Yes, we could all use more pictures.


Kate said...

CD Woman to the Rescue!
First determine: is the leak from fit, or from repelling?
FIT: Do you have gaps around the legs? Is the rise too short? Is it time to size up or anything?
REPELLING: When you set a clean, dry diaper on the counter and drop some water on it, does it soak in or bead up and roll off? If it's the latter, you've got a repelling issue. Aside from the Dawn, which it sounds like you've tried, I'd try Sensi Clean, aka Sport Wash. Jillian's Drawers (who I am not affiliated with) has even more detailed troubleshooting instructions here:

Hope you are feeling the CD love again soon!

Kate said...

the last part of that website was:


it looks like it got cut off on my last long-winded comment


Me? A Mom? said...

Pennsylvania knocks cinnamon's ass

Escapades of Piper Wiper Pudding Bear said...

I love using Tide to wash on hot and then a 3 time rinse (full cycle w/o any detergant or soap)on hot followed by a little bleach in a cycle and then 2 cold cycles. said...

Yay you are back! I can't wait to see your hats! Post pictures! Good job on the 5K. I'm jealous!

Heather said...

Thanks for all the advice! I am currently stripping them for time number 3, hoping for the best. If that doesn't work I'm ordering some Sensi Clean (I couldn't wait for it to ship!) Wish me luck!

Sara said...

Dearest Heather,

Please provide me with some of your delectable crock pot recipes. I only have one, and while it's tasty, it's sort of 50s easy/crazy and includes thousand island dressing!

So seriously, lady, cough 'em up! The recipes that is.

emily said...

for some strange reason, i feel like my cloth diapers started "acting up" at around 18 months of use (the whole inflamed penis thing). I wonder: do they wear out? I switched to disposables. I'm sorry, I'm being of NO use. I'm going to go update my blog now before you remove me from your blog list....