Monday, October 6, 2008

What's up doc?

I've been trying to diversify Eliot's diet. We were getting into a dangerous rut of mac n' cheese, cous cous, peas, and mangoes. This has required some creativity on my part, such as hiding nutritious food inside of one of the four previously mentioned ones, which is no easy feat. I saw these carrots at the grocery and thought the leafy green stalks might entice him into thinking they would not only be sweet and delicious, but fun as well. I thought right.

Of course, they were kind of a mess (as evidenced by the chewed carrot bits seen on his hand and shirt) but totally worth it. It could have only been cuter if he had been barefoot in dirt-covered overalls riding a tractor.


Lauren Snyder said...

Maybe my Tyler can show Eliot some good stuff to eat like artichoke hearts and asparagus. And Eliot can teach Tyler to talk. A fair mommy trade??

JJ said...

that's hilarious. syl loves those "natural" carrots as well. another hint for eating new veggies? ranch dressing. works every time.

Lauren Snyder said...

I completely agree on the ranch dressing. Tyler loves to "dip". It is particularly charming to watch him do it too!