Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Talk to Me

Maybe you are not the commenting type. Maybe you are a long-lost-friend/lurker. Maybe you just need someone to commiserate with.

Presenting! Butter Family Picnic's own email address! Are there questions you need answered, but are to shy to ask in the comments? Do you want to tell me how great/beautiful/awful/illiterate you think I am? Do you just want to sing Eliot's praises? Now is your opportunity! You want it! You got it!

Send your words to: butterfamilypicnic(AT)gmail(DOT)com. And the reason I leave the at and the dot symbols out is so that I only get much anticipated mail from you, my readers, and not spammers who want just to grow my penis with the money of a Nigerian prince.


Elizabeth Frick said...

First, I would like to state that you're an illiterate buffoon.

Secondly, I'm a Nigerian delegate to the Board on Mars relations. If you send me a money order for $10,000, your money will be given back to you tenfold once our mission is complete.

Thirdly, hi.

Heather said...

Ms. Frick,
Wud it bee oK if me sended you 200000 dalars? I culd relly use the doh.
Missus Buterz

MoModerne said...

I think you are totally literate! Yay!