Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Surprises

Eliot has taken up a new hobby; peeing on the floor after his bath. It's in the same category with other hobbies we'd like to discourage like motorcycle racing and Irish dancing. So last night when he announced, "Pee! Pee!" while holding onto his pee-maker, I scooped him up, dashed into the bathroom and set him atop the throne.

I was focusing on making sure he didn't spray the toilet seat with urine. He sat calmly and didn't wiggle or complain. He let out a little 'pfft' type fart and, like every other time he's ever sat on the potty, we thought that was it. He told us he was "all done" after about a minute. But then, when I picked him up, Justin yells out "HE POOPED!"

And there it was.

A man-sized turd that took no noticeable effort to expel. We were both probably more excited than the situation really warranted. Eliot peeked into the potty and made his fake scared crying sound. We assured him that it was just his fabulous poop! and he should be so proud to have made it! In the potty! And then I took a picture of his first little floater. And no, you cannot see it. Because that would be gross.

I highly doubt this is the start of a trend. In fact, his first diaper of the day (and his second) was filled with a smashed poop-brownie, just like all the days before the Poop In The Potty day. I think it was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. He is only a few days shy of 20 months. Not even two yet. We have plenty of time for more turd-tastic meetings with the toilet!


Me? A Mom? said...

oh you didn't tell me he looked at it and did his fake scared cry. That totally makes the story 100% funnier!

Lauren Snyder said...

YAY Eliot! This is so great. My kids are just not this funny...

JJ said...

go super pooper!
hey, its one less diaper to wash!