Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Run, Baby, Run

I've always had this fantasy that I was really good at running. I often dream that I'm jogging the sidewalks of my neighborhood and it's effortless, exhilarating even. I would enviously watch runners in the park and think "It looks so easy". The problem with making this aspiration a reality is that I kind of totally hate exercise. And I feel like a Cathy cartoon just writing that. AACK!

So when my friend Heather and I started talking (as we so often do) about bettering ourselves, specifically our bodies and overall health, we realized that we both had the same aspiration of jogging glory as well as a shared distaste for the process of getting there. We made a pact of sorts; Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, rain or shine, we would meet up and jog for about half an hour. To be more clear, we would walk, talk, walk, talk, walk, jog, walk, talk, walk, walk, talk, jog, and repeat.

At first I thought I'd better not post about my new endeavor, as so many of my exercise dreams are usually brought to a crashing halt the first time I wake up, hop out of bed, and collapse in muscle pulled agony on the floor. But then I realized that if I told the whole Internet what I was doing, I would kind of have to keep with it. Which is the same reason Heather and I decided to run together: if no one was waiting for us, we'd just as soon stay in bed.

Four mornings. That is the number of times I have hoisted my sleepy head out of bed and pulled on my sad excuse for running clothes. Does a sporty nursing bra count as a 'sports' bra? Are yoga pants that were generally considered pajama wear acceptable? Did I mention that my running shoes are hand-me-downs from my sister Laura? I guess it really doesn't matter, as it's all getting the job done. We jog a little longer, a little farther, each time. I still would rather stay in bed, but every time, as I'm jogging the final block to our apartment, I get a little of that feeling I have from my dreams: exhilaration. Who knew that was even possible?


Rachel said...

Keep it up Heather! I still don't think of myself as a runner (I know it doesn't look effortless when I do it and rather klunky) but I've managed to keep at it over the years and it gets better and easier and YOU CAN DO IT!! In fact I turned into a Cathy cartoon when I first started, I was jogging down Oakland, by turtle park (before it was there) and fell flat on my face. Really. During rush hour. Not just stumble and catch yourself but all out flat on the sidewalk face down. And for some reason, I still run.

Meghan said...

you should be so proud! i am jealous - must get back into the routine of walking 2x a day!

Elizabeth Frick said...

And now you can add kickboxing to your exer-resume!

Kate said...

in the end, the clothes don't matter, so if you'd rather spend your pennies on other things, I completely get that. But if you can spare it, treat yourself to something new in the workout wardrobe category -- you'd be surprised how motivating even that can be. every little thing that helps you win the battle against the alarm clock helps.
p.s. I lost that battle 3 times this week. ugh. I have GOT to do better.

Emily said...

When you come to the north (next week) we'll snowcat over to the community centre and run around the track. BEFORE we go seal hunting. Sheesh.