Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Blogs Collide

It's sort of strange the almost celebrity being a blogger creates. Although, as I write that, I realize that it's not something that I identify with. I'm not saying that being a blogger makes me feel like a celebrity. Because the only things that will make me feel like a celebrity are champagne and a fancy mansion. And paparazzi; lots of it.

Take Dooce, for example. She's something of a celebrity, she's on national news programs, interviewed by prestigious newspapers, featured on NPR. And those of us that read her site feel like we know her. Even though we don't know her. It's something that is so pervasive that I even kind of feel like my real-life friends are quasi-celebrities, but only when I'm reading their blogs.

I bring this up because a fellow blogger, Elizabeth (her blog is password protected, but I assure you, it's great) and her husband recently adopted their daughter from Korea. She chronicled their journey to their baby daily (daily - someone updates their blog on an everyday basis? Is that even possible?) and I was freaking riveted. Every day brought them a step closer to Olive and I seriously was in tears when they were finally united. Did I mention that I had never met Elizabeth prior to this?

Turns out, they live in our neighborhood. I knew that she was a crafter from Rock N Roll Craft Show, but we had never been formally introduced. I had become an avid (obsessive?) commenter on her blog, and finally thought, hey, this woman is a mom just like me, and a new one at that, we should hang. Eliot can always have more friends, especially very chubby, very cute ones.

So we met for coffee and a walk and then a post-walk/possible torrential rain hang-out session. And we talked and talked about our kids. Eliot acted all aloof like he didn't notice Olive was there. And then of course, when we got home he talked all about "Allah" (Frick, not Muhammad) as though he had spent the entire visit actively playing with her and attending to her every need.

Part of the reason why I tell you this story revolves around a soon-to-be public battle the Fricks are about to embark on. Olive was born with some health issues, issues Elizabeth and Adam were aware of before she was adopted. When they arrived home from Korea, they were greeted with a letter from their insurance company telling them that Olive would not be covered AT ALL by their policy. This is especially stressful as they are both self-employed. Upon further investigation they were informed that she was denied because she is an adopted child. If she had been their biological child, this would be illegal. But she is their child, despite the fact that she was born half a world away, as anyone who spends five minutes with all of them can plainly see. They are a family. And what their insurance company is pulling is discrimination, pure and simple.

Tomorrow night during the 11 o'clock post-Olympic news, KDSK's Leisa Zigman will be doing a piece on their case, and I think it is so important that we as a parenting and blogging community rally behind them. If you are not in St. Louis, the video will be available on the station's website, and I will be posting a link on Saturday morning. If you could take a few minutes to leave a comment on their site to express how shamefully the insurance company is handling this, I'm sure they would really appreciate it.

Bloggers unite!


Elizabeth Frick said...

Wow. I am speechless. What a sweet, wonderfully touching, and super-supportive post. Thank you so so much!

Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...

I also was riveted by their blog (I'm with you on the daily updates, wow!) and the journey to Olive and what follows. It's amazing to get these little glimpses into people's lives, yours as well Heather :). Your little Eliot is so cute and I get my baby fix in a good way from both of the blogs, along with jj's. So keep 'em coming!

Kate said...

thought I'd use this opportunity to out myself as a lurker here, so that you, too, can feel like a celebrity. I occasionally hop on your blog off of Me a Mom, which of course, I ended up on from my friend Maggie's blog. so I apologize if I seem like a weird stalker now, but boredom behind a computer at work can make you click a lot of links, ya know? So, um, hi!

Heather said...

Hi Kate! I thought I saw flashbulbs going off when we were walking from the car to our compound.

If reading other people's blogs that you don't know is stalking - GUILTY!

Heather said...

And hi there Rachel!

And you too Elizabeth!

(see, some celebrities are just so down to earth). (oh, and modest too)

Meghan said...

what a small world! i too enjoyed reading elizabeth's blog until it "moved." olive is adorable, and i am appalled by their latest battle!

i already outed myself as one of your "fans" a few months ago. :0)

Lauren said...

I have been a fan of yours since I was five! If that makes you feel even more ridiculously famous! And I LOVE stalking your friends and your friends friends... My husband thinks I am just a little weird for it.