Thursday, January 10, 2008


How to snuggle with a hot dog:
This face cracks Justin up every time.
Sweaty Hot Dog.
First cold. Note the snot snake hanging out on the upper lip.
When we were last together, dear readers, I had posted a Halloween picture of E. with promises of more. While I'm sure after Christmas, none of you took me seriously anymore, I'm finally living up to my word. To recap, E had a candy-less holiday, we went to his great grandparents for chili and trick-or-treaters and he stayed up way past his bedtime. It was unseasonably warm, so he sweat his diaper off the entire evening (see sweaty hot dog picture).

He also had his first cold in October, which was pretty mild compared to what he got at Christmas (see 'December' - coming soon). It was mostly a lot of snotty sneezes and some late night crying. I caught his cold and was about 10 times more affected; while I was hacking up mutant loogies and whining about how tired I was, he was happily babbling in a puddle of his own nose juice.