Thursday, January 10, 2008

December + Christmas I

Christmas in Pennsylvania with Justin's family.
Princess Eliot opening his/her presents on x-mas eve. I'm sure he will appreciate this photo later.
Merry Christmas, jerkfaces. A very sick E in his Christmas rocker, courtesy of Na.
First x-mas present. Note the look of extreme joy on his face.
A very cute, feverish, and very drugged Eliot at his Great Grandma's on Christmas afternoon.

Eliot's nose started dripping on the airplane on the way to PA, and from there on, it was snot city. A couple of days later, he developed a rash, and we were told he had Roseola, a super contagious, but usually harmless virus. As if having a super cold were not enough misery for one little person, E was working on cutting his top two teeth (for Christmas!). The left one actually broke through one night, but sadly retreated. The trip was, for the most part, miserable, except for the love and company of Justin's family. We were supposed to go to Chicago afterward to attend our friends Anna and Chris's wedding, but were unable due to Eliot's illness. I was (and am!) really sad that we missed it. I'm sure it was beautiful and I probably would have needed an entire box of tissues. Happy wedding Anna and Chris!


Eli said...

I really like that Yuengling picture!

The kid's pretty cute too.