Monday, August 27, 2007

Liquid Gold

Like most breastfeeding mothers, I am not a big fan of pumping. It's time consuming and boring, and frankly, pretty disappointing. I have always fantasized about latching on to the pump and watching as a thick fountain of creamy milk pours forth. In reality, or at least in my own reality, a thin drizzle eeks its way into the bottle recepticle as I wait and wait and watch and wait. And I do all the right things: relax, think about my baby, think about tall glasses of milk, think about cows being milked, sing that song from Sesame Street, remember? "Milk, Milk, Milk, hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm", etc. Talking to other breastfeeding moms has revealed that I am an under-achiever in the pump production department. Up until now, my best yield has been a measly 2 ounces, and that has, no joke, been the fruit of a day of multiple pump sessions.

Until now. Remember, everything is relative.

Behold my first productive milking session! I managed to squeeze out a record 2.75 ounces in one 15 minute sitting! Yes, it was from both sides. It's not even enough to feed my child to fullness. But look at it! It's beautiful. And I made it. And I owe it all to the Medela Harmony Manual Pump. It is old school in that it doesn't use electricity or batteries, but instead, good old fashioned elbow grease (okay, that sounds kind of gross, but you know what I mean) to extract this most prized elixer.

Medela, please feel free to send me a Pump 'N Style as a thank you for this plug.


Cara said...

Yeah! Another manual pump convert!! I too get so much more when I use a manual pump. I guess it's the dirty little secret of the pump companies. Why sell you a $30 manual pump if they can get you to buy the $200 electric one?

lookitmama said...

Yes, I'm also a hand pump lover. Hey, I could only get large quantities of milk if I missed a feed. Way to go on your personal best! It's a beautiful thing.